Июн 7, 2018
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Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX | Game 1 Grand Finals LoL MSI 2018 | RNG vs KZ G1

KZ vs RNG final game 1 2018 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Main Tournament lol Kingzone DragonX – Royal Never Give Up. MSI 2018 KZ vs RNG Final G1 VOD.
2018 MSI Semi Finals & Finals full playlist:
League of Legends Season 8 Mid-Season Invitational in Paris, France.
First game of the day – Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX vs best of 5 game 1. RNG vs KZ G1.

Royal Never Give Up Line-up:
LetME – Top Ornn
Karsa – Jungle Skarner
XiaoHu – Mid Sion
Uzi – ADC Ezreal
Ming – Support Janna

Kingzone DragonX Line-up:
Khan – Top Fiora
Peanut – Jungle Sejuani
Bdd – Mid Irelia
PraY – ADC Caitlyn
Gorilla – Support Braum

Patch: 8.8 – Season 8
Game date: 20.05.2018 | 05/20/2018 | May 20th 2018
Game place: Paris, France
Casters: Kobe, QuickShot and Deficio

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