Мар 9, 2018
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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Zombie Goblin Curse Game Over | Episode 5 “Game Plan”

Levi learns that Game Goblin powers up from the actual game. Preston learns a lesson and joins the Power Rangers in the game world. Mick and Levi have a plan to stop the gamers. Levi dresses up like a Zombie Goblin.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 5 Clips:

Cast: William Shewfelt (Brody / Red Ranger), Nico Greetham (Calvin / Yellow Ranger), Zoe Robins (Hayley / White Ranger), Peter Sudarso (Preston / Blue Ranger), Chrysti Ane (Sarah / Pink Ranger), Jordi Webber (Levi / Gold Ranger)

This video is from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel “Game Plan” (Episode 5). .

All-new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel air on Nickelodeon. Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Hasbro) premieres in 2019.

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