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Fun Game For Your RV – Light Up Bocce Ball

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Light Up Bocce Ball Review

Today we are reviewing a really fun game that I always bring camping. This is a light up set of bocce ball that’s fun and easy to play day or night in any location. I’ll go over the rules briefly, but you can find more details tutorials on gameplay online (
Playing the Game
This is a pallino, we call it a jack. They are all regulation size. You toss the pallino and the other team (or teams) try to get their balls closest to the pallino. The ball that’s closest gets the point and if you have the two balls closest to the pallino, that’s two points. You can play to 11 or 21 (we usually don’t take the rules too seriously).

You can play with two to eight people. If you’re playing with four people, each person would get a set of a different color and they would throw both balls. If you have teams, each team will have two players who will throw one ball each.
What’s Included
The set comes with a pallino and four sets of balls in yellow, blue, red, and green. Also included in the kit is a tape measure for settling distance disputes.
The carrying case is small, portable, and easily stored in the RV. All my friends ended up buying their own set of these because they are so fun to use. We often go on walking bocce adventures while camping because you can throw the pallino in any direction, enabling you to explore your surroundings while you play. This is the only game I consistently bring with me because is it lightweight, portable, and durable.
This set is made of durable, hard plastic. Mine are scuffed from bouncing off sharp rocks when we play on gravel roads or rocky meadows. They say these are water resistant rather than water proof, but ours have gone into the lake before; they floated and still work. I’ve had this set for two years and have only changed the batteries once in that time. I like the blinking set because they’re only lit up half as much so the batteries last twice as long.
This particular set is fifty bucks, but there is a more expensive set online with a button that allows the user to turn the balls to solid light or blinking light. With my set, you partially unscrew the button with a quarter (or flathead screwdriver) to turn off the light.

Follow the link in the description below to find the set I’ve been using for the past two years.

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